We Buy Houses in San Antonio and Central Texas Companies – Are They Credible?

If you’ve been driving around in San Antonio or Central Texas, you’ve undoubtedly seen billboards advertising companies that buy houses.

Often times they say things like “We Buy San Antonio and Central Texas Houses!” or “Cash For Your House”.

Are These “We Buy Houses in San Antonio and Central Texas Companies” Credible?

How do I know if the local house buying companies out there are honest and credible? If I sell my San Antonio home to one of these companies, what should I expect after the closing? Do they really buy houses like they advertise on their billboards and commercials?

House buying companies do exist and yes, you can sell your house to them. However, it’s important that you find trustworthy buyers who provide fair market value and don’t take advantage of homeowners in distress. There are some red flags that you should look out for

“We Buy Houses in San Antonio and Central Texas” It sounds too good to be true…

We’ll help you avoid these “shady house buyers” so you can work with honest, ethical, and reputable local companies who can buy your house for a fair all cash offer or any additional term you need and close on your schedule.

What Reputable San Antonio and Central Texas House Buyers Are Doing

Helping Homeowners get rid of a burdensome property without the hassle of having to list it with an Agent and wait months and months for a sale.

Help sellers save time and money through a quick sale avoiding the extra costs associated with selling via traditional Realtor.

Creating local jobs by employing local contractors, plumbers, electricians to fix up the property. The average Real Estate transaction involves 86 people in the San Antonio and Central Texas region from start to finish. You can see our investments help create real jobs for people around San Antonio and Central Texas.

Promptly providing an easy to understand written offer, with no hidden clauses or fees.

Providing a fair market value based on comparable properties in San Antonio and Central Texas that you can verify yourself on the internet.

Taking over payments, paying all closing costs and charges associated with your transaction so there’s nothing for you to pay out of pocket or worry about!

Requiring nothing more from you than the keys and title at closing! Why not get a fair all cash offer for your San Antonio house today? Why pay an agent to sell your house?

Pretty cool stuff, right?

How To Ensure You’re Working With A Reputable Local House Buyer

It’s important to always do your homework and understand what you’re signing before you sign anything. There are some red flags that can help you decide if a company is reputable or not.

Reputable Companies Don’t Act Like They’re Better Than You

They aren’t better than you, they’re just trying to buy your house quickly! It really isn’t rocket science to fix up a property, make the necessary repairs, paint it, clean it up or even landscape it. Companies who try to act like they are doing you a favor by buying your house are often times using high pressure sales tactics to get an offer done which doesn’t represent true market value. Companies who aren’t reputable may even pressure you into selling at below market value so make sure you make some questions like:

Ask open-ended questions like:

  • How do you help your clients?
  • What do you do for people?
  • Can you tell me more about your services?
  • What aspect of your business makes you the proudest?
  • How would you describe your investment philosophy?
  • How can I know that you’ll close on my house when you say you will?
  • What’s the average time you take to buy a house?
  • How do you determine market value?
  • Are you buying my house “as-is”?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Companies who are reputable would welcome your questions since it shows that they have nothing to hide. Companies who aren’t reputable may give you short, evasive answers or attempt to quickly change the subject. Companies who are trying to swindle you usually don’t want their tactics exposed.

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