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We are “We Buy Texas Houses NOW”, we are known for our fair offers and the multiple options we have in order to buy your house and improve your situation, doesn’t matter what it is, we are committed to help our customers. It is our Number 1 Priority!. We are honest and transparent, always focusing in make it as Simple & Easy which accelerates the process and reduces the cost… en result a higher offer for you.

Yes! we are a Real Estate Investment Company and like any other company out there we do it to make money, but it is actually the end result of doing what we love, which is helping other people and we are not just referring to the people we are helping when we buy the houses… we mean all the people involved in our business! including our Team, Contractors, Acquisition Managers, Assistances… etc. We must admit we love to transform the houses we buy into HGTV like houses too and that moment when a family gets to buy their dream house from us to start a new chapter in their lives, knowing we were part of if… leave us speechless. This is what we mean, being able to help people during the entire path of our Business is an incredible experience.

We love Texas! we have been around in town for a while now, we are just regular people living a day to day life but after expending several years working on the Technology Industry I found out that my real passion is helping other people. Even though I was helping others doing technology, it doesn’t compare fixing a streaming of video so you could continue watching your YouTube video to actually changing people’s life.

From the very beginning I was amazed about what an efficient process, the process of buying a house, could drastically impact people’s life. We know the world is full of uncertainties and some times we are just not ready for them but it doesn’t mean they are not going to present to us so being able to give a hand to these people during difficult times and make a positive impact improving their situations is what really keeps us going.

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have”

Jim Rohn

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Here at We Buy Texas Houses Now our customers are first, we handle everything for you and we walk with you along the process, we are completely transparent which means you will be informed in detail. It does not matter your situation or how much work the house needs, we will help you out. We are here for the community.