Selling a House As Is in San Antonio Texas

Find Out Everything you need to Know To Avoid It.

In today’s tough economy, many homeowners are looking for a way to sell their house fast and without the hassle of repairs. Some sellers don’t want to go through the expense of fixing up their home before listing it, or they can’t afford to make necessary home improvements. If this is you, then you may be considering selling your house As Is. Selling a house as-is has its advantages.

Thinking about selling your property in San Antonio Texas As Is? Read our comprehensive guide for sellers wanting to save time and money by avoiding repairs and selling quickly

What does it mean to sell your house As Is? Selling a house As Is means that you are willing to sell your home without making repairs, it does not mean that you are going to sell it for less that it is worth, you are actually going to sell it for the current value of your house. Let’s think about a house that needs to be renovated, if you renovate the house you would be spending some months managing the project, working with contractors and most important spending money in the house to be able to sell it for top price… but this is not always a good option.

Imagine the houses in your neighborhood are selling for $200,000, we are talking about HGTV kind of house, fully renovated almost like in new condition, and your house has not been renovated in a while, let’s say it would need about $45,000 in work to be able to leave it in HGTV condition it and put in on the Market. After being on the market for around 45 days you receive an offer for $200,000 after closing cost, commissions, fees, you get $180,000. If we take out the money you spend on repair the property you would be netting $135,000.

Wouldn’t be awesome if you could sell your house for $140,000 As Is? avoiding all the contractors, time, money problems dealing with the sell of your house. Let me tell you that we can do this for you if we buy your house As Is. We will be paying all closing cost and fees, also since we are not agents there are no commissions you have to pay, we will make an offer that makes sense.

Over the years, home sellers have been conditioned to believe that the only way to get a good price for their house is if they sell it on the market after making necessary repairs. If you have been thinking about selling your house As Is, just know that it can be a great option for many home owners and if done correctly, you will not lose money by selling your property this way.

At this point you have a pretty god idea about selling your house As Is means, you are pretty much going to be selling your house directly avoiding the middle man, making the process faster, easier and cost effective.

Most of the As Is sales are Off Market sales, which means that the buyer is looking for a property to buy and you are selling your house directly to him. The reason why this Off Market sales work so well is because the process is easy, we as investors have an experience team that will handle everything, we will give you options and guide you through the process.

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