5 Benefits of Selling your House to a Direct Buyer Instead of Hiring an Agent in San Antonio and Central Texas

5 Signs You Would Be Better Off Selling Your San Antonio and Central Texas House to a Direct Buyer Instead of Hiring an Agent

Selling your home is a big decision. If you’re weighing your options as to whether or not hire a real estate agent or go with a direct buyer, read below for five reasons to choose selling to a direct buyer over hiring an agent in San Antonio and Central Texas.

The traditional real estate listing procedure is well-known to most homeowners in San Antonio, but it has several drawbacks that can lead sellers to choose other methods. In this post we will provide to you 5 benefits of selling your house to a direct buyer instead of Hiring an agent.

1 – Commissions and Transaction fees

Direct buyers allow sellers to bypass commission and transaction fees to make selling easier and more affordable. Many real estate agents have a mandatory commission fee, usually based on a percentage of the selling price. When you sell to a direct buyer, however, there is no commission or transaction fees involved. As a seller, this means you could save anywhere around 10% of your total sale price in agent and transaction fees when you work with a direct buyer instead of an agent. This money can go towards anything from closing costs and repairs… to renovations and furnishings for your new home

2 – Showings and Open Houses

Selling your home should be easy and fast – especially in this market. When choosing a direct buyer over an agent, there is no need for showings or open houses, which takes days or weeks of coordinating time away from work just to schedule appointments. With a direct buyer, everything is done within hours! The whole process can take less than a week to a month, if you choose the right company that has the ability to buy your house in cash or in the terms you need.

Direct buyers are usually more flexible when it comes to appointments than many real estate agents may be. Also you will be looking to just one showing, which can be done virtually at your convenience. If you’re looking at selling your home fast in San Antonio or Texas State, direct buyers can help you sell in matter of days instead of months if you choose to hire an agent.

3 – House is in need of Updates or Repairs

Selling a home with updates and repairs needed can be difficult. According to experts, many of today’s buyers have a huge number of options when it comes to homes they can buy. This means you will be getting less buyers interested in your house in need of repairs which will affect your selling price. If you decide to hire an agent and list your house in the Market in San Antonio or Central Texas, you better be ready to make extensive repairs before you even list it and see if you are able to get the price point you are looking for.

When you sell your home to a direct buyer, you can skip the time, money and hassle involved with making repairs. If your house is in need of updates or major renovations, sell your house directly to a company that can pay you cash for the property regardless of its condition would be your best bet. This means you’ll sell faster and get more money in your pocket if you sell to a direct buyer instead of having to wait months in the Market from someone who will finance the purchase through selling their own house first.

4 – Closing Date

Selling to a company that purchases homes directly from homeowners is an excellent option for people who need their cash in a hurry or if they have a fixed timeframe to sell. The average time most sellers wait before they sell and go through closing with an agent is now between one to three months or more. During this type of transaction, you would be responsible for all repairs and other fees associated with your sale while the sale goes through escrow. This can take several weeks to several months depending on how it works out between you and the real estate agent you are working with.

Companies that purchase direct from you will often close in your timeframe, if you have a certain date or specific day of the week you need or want to close on, you got it. Direct buyers like us will be able to close in the date you choose. This is because we are not dependent of appraisals, inspections, bank approvals, financing, etc.

5 – More Cash in your Pocket

Let’s say you sell your house to an agent and set the sale price at $200,000. If you sell it immediately, the average agent commission would be 6% or $12,000. Hiring an agent means you will be responsible for paying your own agent commission and the commissions of the agent that brings the buyer. Let’s imagine that you will need to make repairs before even listing your property and let’s say it will cost you $35,000. Best case scenario you get a buyer at $200,000 after four months in the project and pay all closing cost you would be getting $145,000 at closing in your pocket.

But with a direct buyer like us, imagine you could get $150,000 without a 4 month project, showings, negotiations, etc. Would be awesome? Yes it is!. We will purchase your home fast and pay cash so you don’t have to deal with the home selling process, plus get more money in your pocket without the hassle or making repairs or anything else that comes along with selling through an agent.

Now you know 5 benefits of selling your house to a Direct Buyer instead of Hiring an agent, we have many more options available to you. we can focus in your specific situation and/or reason you have to sell your house. We can help!

We buy houses for cash in San Antonio and Central Texas. If you’re looking at selling your San Antonio or Central Texas, reach out to us, you will be happy you did!

Are you ready now? Selling your San Antonio and Central Texas to a direct buyer is the best choice when you want to save time and money. Call We Buy Texas Houses Now at ‪(210) 570-2861‬‬ or send us a message today!.

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