How To Price Your Inherited Home In San Antonio and Central Texas For Sale

Here are 3 tips for pricing your inherited home in San Antonio.

If you’re planning on selling the property, make sure that this blog post is read this post carefully before deciding how much it’s worth and what kind of buyer they may need.

Selling an inherited property may not come easy to you, especially if you haven’t sold a property in awhile. Here’s how to price your San Antonio home for sale:
The first thing that comes up when selling any type of real estate is pricing it correctly, and this includes the value of our inheritance! How much should I get? What does my house or land really worth on its own without taking into account who gave me all their hard earned equity… Well before we dive into negotiations with potential buyers be sure to figure out what amount makes financial sense based off both current market conditions

1 – Sell Quickly at a Fair Price

You might think that pricing your inherited property at what the market will pay is enough. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding this cost and one of them includes how fast do you want it sold? Selling through an agent on “the market” can take months before they’re finally able to get an offer that makes sense, this after being listed several weeks.

Some people assume inheritances do not cost, however during the time frame you will be listing the house, you are reposible for Taxes, Insurance, Mortgages payments if there is a loan on it, etc. If you are not careful about making arrangements beforehand matters quickly descend into chaos

There are a number of considerations that come into play when the time comes to sell your home. You might be better if pricing slightly lower in hopes for quicker sale, but what will happen with repairs and carrying costs? What if you have an open negotiating session against another offer from someone who wants the same property as yours at nearly its original asking price – do not let yourself get railroaded!

2 – Avoid Pricing On The Emotion Or Memories You Have

One of the most difficult issues that property owners of inherited homes confront while attempting to value their property for sale is determining the actual worth of the home from its happy memories. The house may have a certain market value, but you may have such wonderful recollections of growing up in the house or of cherished times spent there that you unintentionally use those feelings to price the house.

We have helped numerous homeowners in San Antonio Texas that encounter this problem, we help them evaluating the price of their house and most important, we give them options of what they can do with the house.

3 – Allow For A Reduction In The Purchase Price Depending on Repairs

If you inherited a home from someone who had lived in it for many years, you may discover that it needs some repairs. You might opt to perform the task yourself and then demand a higher rate, but why put yourself through the trouble when you can save time and money by hiring a contractor and spending months in a construction project without actually knowing if the repairs will actually make the house sell faster and for more money.

It would be better if you just discount the property depending on the repairs it needs so you can sell it faster and for a better price without putting time and money into it. It’s still a good deal!


An inherited house can be a lot of work, however you have options! we have helped a lot of homeowners deal with their inherited house in San Antonio Texas, we can help you out buying the house from you in your time frame and a price that makes sense.

Why not bypass all the work and cost of selling through an agent and instead get in touch with us today about selling your inherited property to us?

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