3 Things You Can Do In San Antonio and Central Texas to Prepare Your Inherited House For The Sale

If you’re looking to sell a home that you inherited, read this blog article in its entirety to discover the three things you can do in San Antonio and Central Texas to prepare it for sale…

It can be challenging for everyone when a loved one passes away, but it can be especially difficult when that loved one leaves behind a home that you now have to sell.

Prepare Your Inherited House For The Sale

If the thought of selling from a distance, dealing with people walking through your deceased loved ones’ home and other issues surrounding a “House Sale” or an estate sale keeps you up at night, this article is for you.

In many cases, there are things you can do in San Antonio Texas to help minimize the stress and burden associated with this huge undertaking such as repairing the property, decluttering and de-personalizing (which is very hard for family members but necessary), getting pre-market professional photographs that really show the potential of the house and more! 

And although inheriting a house might seem like a wonderful way for a loved one to pass something of value on to you, it can also be a burden. Houses take a lot of work to maintain, keep clean, and keep up-to-date. If you’re thinking about selling an inherited house, or if you are still exploring your options, here are 3 things you can do in San Antonio and Central Texas to prepare your inherited house for the sale…

Tip #1

Mixed emotions are everywhere when it comes to inherited property sales. You want tho sell it, but at the same time you don’t want to lose your memories in that home. That is way we suggest to do something special to commemorate the life of your loved one before selling it, take furniture out of the house, photographs and other memories you would like to keep. You’ll have a few mementos that represent and you’ll still be able to sell the house to keep it from becoming a burden.

Tip #2

Chances are, you inherited the house from someone who lived there for a while. When this happens, you’ll find out that the person who lived there may have taken very good care of the house but after living in the same house for a while there might be areas of the house that they didn’t use very much, or perhaps areas of the house that they used for storage. The best way to help your inherited house sell is to clear the house out, clean it up thoroughly, and present a beautiful empty house to buyers.

Tip #3

You can plan on selling it yourself or using an agent, however we suggest that you use an experienced house buyer company. This means you will be selling your house in your time frame without paying anything. Best part of it is that you will be selling it completely hands off of projects, paperwork, attorneys, etc.

You are not just getting more for you house, you will be also saving time, which is something that will not happen if you sell it yourself or with a Realtor.


When your loved one passed away and left the property to you, they were thinking about giving you this present. However, selling the inherited home might be the best option. So you’ve just learned three things you may do in San Antonio Texas to prepare your inherited home for sale.

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